We make sophisticated diagnostic testing equipment for oil, other lubricants, and coolants.      Our equipment and software deliver “lab-quality” test results on-premise or in remote locations.

Automatically.  In just minutes.

OSA has revolutionized oil and coolant testing!



To all decision-makers in lubrication-intensive industries like:

• Heavy Equipment & Construction

• Mining

• Municipalities

• Truck Fleets

Stop sending oil, coolant, and other lubricant samples out to laboratories for testing.  OSA has invested over $23 million to automate diagnostic testing equipment, so we can bring the laboratory to our customers' premises.


OSA’s table top analyzers deliver diagnostic testing results using ASTM standards -- in less than 12 minutes.  Now, all levels of service personnel can do testing on premise or at remote locations.


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About Us

OSA. is privately held, and our analyzers are made in the U.S.  We have pioneered the practice of designing leading-edge, compact technology and combining it with our proprietary predictive, software analytics.


OSA’s analyzers offer different benefits for different types of customers. We have customers in virtually every industry that uses equipment powered by engines.


OSA has analyzers in operation all over the world, from Angola to Uzbekistan.  Our analyzers can be adapted to six languages, and can be operated anywhere - from oil-rigs to remote mountain mining locations.


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